What should I post?

Growth Hacking in 2020 Marketing tips |   1 min read
What should I post?

This has been described in many different ways, Unicorn strategy most recently, but simply show what you do clearly and benchmark.

Look at the main competitor accounts, and find their top posts by your own measure of what that means and then take that as your base idea and grow it.

Be on the lookout for people who are in the same line of work as you, particularly a business who is bigger than you. Make a list of their accounts using www.sheets.google.com on this list:

  1. Their account names
  2. The industry
  3. Comments about the brand
  4. Hover over the last 30 posts to see how many comments they get
  5. Link to the top 5 commented posts
  6. Link to the top 5 liked posts 
  7. Move to next brand

Do this for 5 brands to start with; this should only take 20 minutes to do.

Now that you have your cool list put together, you want to find a common thread between the most commented and the most liked. Is there something they are doing for example on a weekend are they doing an offer, are they doing something that takes into account the day of the week etc.

If you are stuck with this please do reach out to us on the live chat and share your research our team will schedule a call and give you some free advice, no catches, we just want to see you grow!

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