How to establish your brand tone if you don't have one yet?

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How to establish your brand tone if you don't have one yet?

If you're not sure what your brand tone is, then let's help you establish one.

The first step you need to consider is getting to know your audience. You need to research who they are. Discover their age, gender, status, titles, interests, education, etc. Discover what channels they use for communication. Research on how they talk to each other and how they share information.

The next step is to look into yourself and identify your core values. Why did you establish this brand? What is your mission, vision, short term, and long term goals? Through your mission and vision, you need to show the audience that you care about their needs.

Your next step is to audit your content and communication. Before setting your tone, it is important for you to audit and examine all the existing content to date. You need to analyse and make sure that it is on par with the brand values and mission statement.

Next, establish your tone of voice! Based on your earlier research, identify the following:

(1) What you sound like?

(2) What you want to sound like?

Choose the dimension of the voice you are aiming at, whether you want to sound casual or formal or a mix of both.

In the Elephant Social app, we use 3 distinct brand tones:


-Business Casual


Implement a tone of voice that suits your business best into your brand communication. Once you have established your tone, you need to ensure to carry them on all communication channels and publications. In the ES app, we ask you to choose one tone and provide you content only in your chosen tone to ensure consistency for your brand.

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